Neville May passed away 17 September 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Posted by Chris

As one of the sports outstanding international officials, Neville May, of Australia, served as Chief Judge of the World Championships in 1977 in Milan, twice as Assistant Chief Judge, and once each as Assistant Homologator and Appointed Judge. But he is likely to be best remembered as an official for his service as Chief Judge of the Moomba Masters for each of the thirty four years from 1964 to the present. This uninterrupted service as Chief Judge of a major international competition is almost surely unequaled in the sport.
As one of the most highly respected members of the Asian Australasian Region, he has also served eight times as Chief Judge of the Group 111 Championships.
Neville was inducted into the IWWF Hall of Fame in 1997 and the AWWF Hall of Fame in 2011.
Our thoughts with his wife Joyce, children Helen, Peter, Tony, Jodie and families.
He will be sadly missed.