2010 IWWF AAO Championships Bulletin II

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Posted by Chris



(incorporating the Asian Championships)

5th to 10th OCTOBER 2010



Bulletin 2

1. Sanctioning Body

International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Asia, Australasia & Oceania (AAO)


2. Organizer & New Contact Information

Indonesia Water Ski Association

Gedung Direksi Gelora Bung Karno,

Lt. 8,

Jl. Pintu I Senayan,

Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

Phone/Fax : +62 21 5732812

Attention: Mr Irwan Anis

Email: irwan.anis@gmail.com

3 Insurance

Participants should take out private travel/accident insurance besides their health insurance.

Accident insurance should include accidents arising during waterski and/or wakeboard

competition. Your travel insurer should be able to include this as an extra endorsement if you

do not have existing coverage. Participants will be required to sign a waiver upon

registering and provide evidence of personal accident insurance.

4. Submission Deadlines

All AAO Federations must submit the following entry forms as follows:-

Form Deadline

Official Entry Form 8th September 2010

Forms are to be submitted to:

Indonesia Water Ski Association <irwan.anis@gmail.com>

and copied to:

Secretary General of the AAO Confederation

Chris D Howarth

5. Accommodation – Revised Hotel Rates & New Contact Information

Official Hotel: Sunlake Hotel (http://www.sunlakehotel.com)

New Wing Old Wing

Executive Suite King Single

Rp.530,000, net/night with Breakfast for 1 x

Pax (+/- USD57.00)

Executive Suite Twin Double

Rp. 560,000 net/night with Breakfast for 2 x

Pax (+/- USD61.00)

Deluxe Suite King Single

Rp.440,000, net/night with Breakfast for 1 x

Pax (+/- USD48.00)

Deluxe Suite Twin Double

Rp.500,000, net/night with Breakfast for 2 x

Pax (+/- USD54.00)

Rate Includes 21% Government Tax & Service charge.

Hotel contact person:

Eni Sumiarsih

Sunlake Hotel

Jl. Danau Permai Raya Blok C 1 Sunter. Jakarta 14350

Phone : + 62 21 6509969 Fax : +62 21 650 9970

Cell number : +62 815 1022

E-mail : sales@sunlakehotel.com Or: eni_heizel@yahoo.co.id

6. Transportation

The organising committee will arrange transportation for teams and officials from the Jakarta

International Airport (Soekarno-Hatta) to Sunlake Hotel which is 23 km away. Please submit

the attached “Airport Transfer Request Form” to the organizing committee.

7. Unofficial Practice

Will be available on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd October 2010 at the official site, Lake Sunter,

for USD110.00 per hour and USD20.00 per additional 10 minutes. For reservations, please

submit the relevant reservation form attached with this bulletin.

8. Officials

Tournament (Waterski) Wakeboard Barefoot

Ron Fergusson (AUS) - Chief


Waldie Priekulis (AUS) – Chief


Park Kwang-sang (KOR) –


Chris Wright (NZL) – Driver

Lauma Circluis (AUS) – Chief


Jassem Al Derbi (UAE) –

Assistant Calculator

Mustafa Walli (UAE) –


E Min (CHN) – Judge

Kim Hyun-lan (KOR) - Judge

Agnes Supadmi (IDN) –


Robyn Wright (NZL) – Judge

Stafford Scott (AUS) – Judge

Kevin Green (AUS) - Judge

Neil Harris (AUS) - Chief Judge

Paul Bell (AUS) - Chief Driver

Christine Hui (TWN) –


Muhammad Suhardi (SGP) –

Boat Judge

Jung Sanghan (KOR) – Boat


Zhen Li Hua (CHN) – Boat


Brian Price (AUS) - Chief Judge

John Price (AUS) - Driver

Peter Franks (AUS) – Judge

Ashley Stebbeings (AUS) –


Mo Dongson (CHN) - Judge

Peter Arnel (AUS) – Video /


Reserve Judge:

Geoff Davis (AUS)

9. Intent to Enter

The following countries have expressed their intent to participate:-

Australia                              Lebanon

Chinese Taipei                     Malaysia

China                                  New Zealand

Hong Kong                           Philippines

India                                    Singapore

Indonesia                             Thailand

Iran                                      United Arab Emirates




10. Tournament Judging Seminar

The AAO Confederation would like to run a Tournament (Waterski) Judging Seminar on

Wednesday 6th October 2010 if there is sufficient interest amongst AAO Federation:-

Time Topic

9:00 am Welcome

9:05 am Introduction & Rule Book (video)

9:30 am Jump

10:00 am Coffee Break

10:45 am Slalom Video & Discussion

12:30 pm Trick Shorthand

1:00 pm Lunch

2:00 pm Question Time

2:15 pm Trick Video

3:00 pm Scoring Tricks

3:30 pm Coffee Break

3:45 pm Calling Trick to Video

5:15 pm Question Time

5:30 pm Close

Federations are to submit their interest directly to Ron Fergusson

11. Others

Final event schedule, information on tow boats, etc to be advised in the next bulletin.

Forms can be obtained directly from the Sec General at chrishowarth@yahoo.com