28th SEA Games 13th June 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Posted by Chris

There was much excitement on the banks of Bedok Reservoir  as the women slalom finalists prepared for their final showdown. Second off the dock Kalya Kee (SIN) was keen to make amends for her slip up yesterday and put in a credible score of 5 buoys at 55kph on the 14.25m line. Next up Ummu Sholikah (INA) cleared the 14.25 line scoring one buoy on her return pass at 13m. The penultimate skier was Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah fell at the fifth buoy on her first pass but apparently missed the gates. Last off the dock was Sasha Christian who once again in a flawless display equaled her record of the previous day with 3 buoys at 55kph on the 13m line to clinch her second gold medal for Singapore.

In the men’s event Alex Yoong (MAS), third off the dock, improved on his earlier performance with 3.5 buoys at 58kph on the 13m line. Next Ade Hermana (INA) failed to improve on his 2.5 buoys on the 13m line with just 2.5 buoys at 14.25m. Indra Hardinata (INA) raised the bar further with 2 at 58kph on the 12m line putting the pressure on final skier Mark Leong (SIN) who needed to repeat his score of yesterday and the new SEA Games and Singapore national record. It never looked in doubt as he shortened on to the 12m line and comfortably scored 3 buoys again setting new national and SEA Games records.  

In the Women’s Wakeboard team last chance qualifiers (LCQ) Gooi Jia Yi (SIN) and Maiquel Selga (PHI) both made it through to the finals while in the men’s Angelo Linao (PHI) and Ng Sim Hwee (SIN) earned their way into the semi-finals.

The jump finals followed. Unfortunately neither of the two Thai women riders appeared leaving four jumpers to contest for gold. First off the dock was 11-year old Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) who cleared 20.2 metres. Next off was Kalya Kee who cleared 16.4m ensuring Aalijah at least another medal.  Nur Alimah Prambodo  (INA) then cleared 18.10.m to take the bronze medal. Last off the dock and, having benefitted greatly from recent coaching by Asian waterski jump champion Saaya Hirosawa, Rossi Amir (INA) cleared 29.00 metres to capture gold for Indonesia.

It was straight into the men’s jump with again only four contestants from an enlisted group of seven seven. First off was Muhammad Nasir (MAS) who cleared 21.5. Akex Yoong (MAS) was next off and cleared 33.1m to put himself into medal contention. Kadir Fabrianto (INA) managed to squeeze an extra 0.8m onto his jump of 33.9 to secure at least the silver medal. However Ade Hermana (INA) made sure gold was his after his first jump and continued to raise the bar finishing with a jump of 46.9m to clinch gold for Indonesia.

It was back to wakeboarding for the next event the men’s wakeboard team semi-finals, which saw the top three from two heats of  four  progress into the finals  with Tatsanai Kuakoonrat topping Heat 1 with 71.89 and Padiwat Jaemjan holding the lead in Heat 2 with 79.78.  

The day concluded with the preliminary rounds for slalom overall men and women as well as tricks overall.

Aaliyah (MAS) improved on her SEA Games trick record with an impressive score of 5,700 in the women’s overall trick event whilst Kadir Fabrianto with 3010 took the lead in men’s overall tricks, going into the final day on Sunday.