28th SEA Games Singapore 14 June 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Posted by Chris

It was raining heavily as skiers and officials arrived at Bedok Reservoir for the final waterski and wakeboard events of the 28th SEA Games with three gold medals at stake ie men and women’s ski overall and the wakeboard team medal.

Fortunately the breeze and rain eased off allowing the preliminary round of the overall jump competition to get underway.  Kaliya Kee (SIN) cleared 18.9m which Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) stretched to 19.1m. However it was the Indonesians Nur Alimah Priambodo and Rossi Amir who upped the ante with 21.3m and 24.4m respectively.

Hero of the day was Mark Leong who put his body on the line for Singapore by attempting the jump ramp for the first time ever. In a gutsy performance he cleared 10.7m on his first jump and followed up with two further landed jumps.  Alex Yoong (MAS) more used to G forces of F1 raised the bar clearing 35.7m which Kadir Febrianto (INA) was unable to match falling short with 33m. Ade Hermana (INA) thrilled the crowd with a 45.1m to add valuable points towards claiming the overall title.

It was straight into the overall women’s slalom final. Unfortunately none of the women were able to improve on their preliminary scores where Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) and  Kalya Kee (SIN) had tied their scores with 0.5 buoys at 55kph on the 13m line. Second time around Aaliyah failed to score on the 16m line whilst Kalya ran 4.5 buoys to finish top of the pack.

In the men’s slalom overall third off the dock Ade Hermana (INA) set the score to beat with 3.5 buoys at 14.25m. Alex Yoong (MAS) was unable to match it scoring 1 at 14.25 which Mark Leong comfortably topped with 1 buoy at 12m.

The wakeboard team overall followed. Last off the dock was Sasha Christian with Panyapa Tangsirirat (THA) score of 45 to beat. She accomplished this with ease with a well balanced performance of execution, intensity and composition finishing with a score of 59.89.

The men’s team event again proved highly competitive with Joshua Tay and Samual Chua both of Singapore putting in runs of 62.45 and 67.78 respectively. Mark Griffin (PHI) raised the bar higher to 73.45 before Tatasani Kuakoonrat (THA) finally pulled off his toe 900 finishing with a score of 78.67. Padiwat Jaemjan (THA) then wowed the crowd with an intense composition to finish with 83.78 and capture the team wakeboard gold for Thailand. Singapore collected silver and the Philippines bronze.

The tricks overall finals followed. Both Rossi Amir (INA) and Kalya Kee (SIN) matched their first round scores. Nur Alimah Prambodo (INA) scored 3210 against a first round score of 3340. However there was no stopping young Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) who set another SEA Games record with a score of 6110.

In the men’s overall tricks Mark Leong finished in 3rd place with his best score in the first round. Alex Yoong improved on his first round score with 2380 while despite scoring 2980 it was Kadir Febrianto’s first round score of 3010 which earned him the overall trick title.

Conditions were again ideal for the final events the men and women’s overall jump competitions.

Both Kalya Kee (SIN) and Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) cleared 19m with Aaliyah finishing 3rd with 19.1m from her first round. Nur Alimah Prambodo (INA) couldn’t quite match her first round score of 21.30 which gave her 2nd place. Rossi Amir (INA) sailed further than anyone over the ramp to finish with 30.05m and give her 4th place overall, taking into account all three events of slalom, tricks and jump.

Second place in overall and the silver medal went to Nur Alimah Priambodo (INA) bettered only by Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah’s 2155.56 who claimed another gold medal for Malaysia.

Mark Leong (SIN) failed to improve on his very first jump of 10.7m and finished in 4th place in overall for the three disciplines. Kadir Febrianto (INA) rose to the occasion to clear 39.8m which Alex Yoong (MAS) failed to match with 37.1m. Ade Hermana (INA) then cleared 44.7m bettered only by his first round score of 45.1m. This gave him 3rd place overall. Yoong was disappointed he was unable to retain his overall title, finishing in 2nd place, whilst Kadir Febrianto (INA) earned the gold medal with a score of 2236.32.