Malaysia wins bid to host the 2019 World Waterski Championships

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
Posted by Chris

The IWWF World Congress was held on Thursday 19th November 2015 in Chapala, Mexico, during the World Waterski Championships.

During the course of the meeting the Malaysian Waterski & Wakeboard Federation successfully bid to host the 2019 World Waterski Championships in Putrajaya, Malaysia.


Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah, Malaysia 12-year old young waterski star, competing at the Worlds, was delighted knowing she’ll have home-advantage. Along with the Malaysian delegates she looks forward to welcoming the waterski world and their families to Malaysia.

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2015 Singha IWWF Asian Waterski & Wakeboard Championships

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Posted by Chris

Held at Rabbit Lake, Bangkok, from 4th to 8th November 2015, the 2015 Singha IWWF Asian Waterski & Wakeboard Championships proved a great success with numerous personal bests including Mark Leong again breaking the Singapore National record.

The event sponsored by Singha Water was organized by the Thailand Extreme Sports Association in conjunction with IWWF Asia after the highly successful 2014 Phuket Asian Beach Games.

img_5479-max-kirwan-tournament-team-overall.JPG Japan Max Kirwan Waterski Team winners

img_5482-max-kirwan-wakeboard-team-overall.JPGKorea Max Kirwan Wakeboard Team winners

Despite being disrupted by rain the team awards were presented at the closing function with the Max Kirwan Waterski Team Shield presented to Japan and the Max Kirwan Wakeboard Team Shield presented to Korea.

IWWF 1st Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships Day 3

Sunday, October 25, 2015
Posted by Chris


  img_2477-lotus-pond-copy.JPG                                         img_2647-spectators-copy.JPG              img_2549-spectator-copy.JPG

The inaugural IWWF Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday 25th October 2015. First off the AO U19 Junior Ladies and Men Finals, Gabby Gabrielle (AUS) took the Ladies’ title ahead of Nadya Sinagai of Indonesia with Akela Bowman  (TPE) 3rd. Blake Muller  (AUS) took the junior Men’s title beating off the challenge  of both Kwon Junyeop (KOR) and  Patrick Klug (TPE).

img_2668-ao-jnr-ladies-u19-cable-wakeboard-copy.JPG                                   img_2671ao-jnr-men-u19-cable-wakeboard-copy.JPG

The wind pricked-up for the start of the AO Cable Wakeskate competition but in a reversal of fortunes it was Susan Larsson (PHI) who took the title from Asian Champion Tulip Tadtiam (THA) with Hsien  Ying Yeh 3rd. The competition was especially close between Obi Cembrano (PHI) and Cody Murphy (AUS) in the Men’s Cable Wakeskate  with Murphy taking the honours by the narrowest of margins.  Burid Detwilaisiri (THA) finished 3rd.

 img_2660-ao-ladies-cable-wakeskate-copy.JPG                                          img_2662-ao-mens-cable-wakeskate-copy.JPG

 Despite an early fall in his first ride in the AO Men’s 30+ Cable Wakeboard Championship Carlo Dela Torre completed a stand-up pass on his final run to take the title ahead of Shi Ping-Lien (TPE) and Sam Cheng  (TPE).


Competion was again particularly close in the AO Ladies Cable Wakeboard event with Ho Chao-Ching taking 2nd place ahead of Shannon Teng by just 0.33 of a point while Megumi Tomabechi (JPN) took top honours by just 3 points.

img_2682-ao-ladies-open-cable-wakeboard.JPG                  img_2602-scotty-wilkings-aus-copy.JPG                        img_2578-ken-tackmann-tha-copy.JPG                     img_2690-ao-men-open-cable-wakeboard.JPG

Some thrilling and spectacular riding by the men in the finals of the AO Cable Wakeboard Men’s event  saw Ken Tackmann (THA)  finish in 3rd place with 73.33, Im San (KOR) 2nd with 78 and Scotty Wilkings taking the champion title  with 79.67.

After the individual awards ceremony at the site, a closing dinner followed where the team awards were presented with the Philippines 3rd, Chinese Taipei 2nd and Australia 1st.

img_2379-officials-copy.JPG                                                                                     img_2740-team-winners-and-all-copy.JPG

The Lotus Wake Park, the Chinese Taipei Waterski & Wakeboard Association and all officials and riders are to be congratulated on making the event such a huge success.   

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IWWF 1st Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeboard & Wakeskate Championships Day 2

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Posted by Chris

The inaugural Asia & Oceania Champonships continued today Saturday 24th October 2015 at Lotus Pond in glorious sunshine.

First  up were the AO Under 19 Junior Ladies and Junior Men qualifiers followed by AO +30 Men Qualifiers.

Gabby Gabrielle (AUS) topped the table in Junior Ladies  ahead of Akela Bowman TPE while Blake Muller  AUS held off the challenge Kwon Junyeop and the two Chinese Taipei riders.


 MC of the event and the voice of Asian wakeboarding Carlo Dela Torre showed he still has a trick or two  up his sleeve topping the table in the over 30s.

The AO Wakeskate Qualifiers followed with Tulip Tadtiam (THA) again holding off the challenge of Susan Larson (PHI) by the narrowest of margins. It was a different story in the Men’s Open where Cody Murphy (AUS) dominated with a score of 74.67 with Burid Detwilaisri (THA) lying 2nd with 57.67.


After lunch the AO Ladies took to their boards for their Open qualifiers where local Shannon Teng (TPE) held off the challenge of the six other riders with Tomabechi Megumi (JPN) lying 2nd.

The 13 riders in the Men’s Open qualifiers were split into two heats with the top three in each going through to the finals. The last seven were left to fight it out for the last two places through the last chance qualifiers (LCQ). Guy Tanaka (SIN), Mark Griffin (PHI), Ken Tackmann (THA), Scotty Wilkings (AUS), Sam Im (KOR) and Khalid Alawadhi (KUW) all progressed directly to the finals whilst Kazuyuki Tsujimoto (JPN) and Angelo Louise Linao (PHI) both made it through via the LCQ.

Some of the most entertaining riding of the day was left for the finals of the Girls and Boys under 15s. Australian Shantarna Mcpherson-Bremner took the honours in the girls ahead of 9-year old Mishka Bowman (TPE) and Yen Chi Cheng (TPE).

img_2289.JPG                                     img_2297.JPG


Both Mikayo Mundy (AUS) and Saif Saif Khaled (UAE) pulled off some big tricks but fell short of Declan Wheeler (AUS) who finished his final run with an awesome heel 900 off the final kicker to take the honours.

Riding continues tomorrow Sunday 25th October 2015 with the finals.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015
Posted by Chris

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2015 IWWF 1st Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeboard Wakeskate Championships

Saturday, October 24, 2015
Posted by Chris


A lasting legacy at Lotus Pond, Kaohsiung, venue for the waterskiing events at the 2009 World Games Kaohsiung has been the creation of the Lotus Cable Park.

Some 50+ riders from 10 counties have assembled here in Kaohsiung for the 2015 IWWF 1st Asia & Oceania Cable Wakeskate Championships.


The opening ceremony on the morning of 23rd October 2015 saw local dignitaries attend including Mr. Kevin Huang, Director of the Department of Sports, Kaohsiung City and Mrs Fan Sun-Lu Director-general Kaohsiung City Government Bureau of Education. Representing the IWWF were Russell Morris, President IWWF Oceania and Chris Howarth IWWF Asia Secretary General.

 It was then straight into the competition kicking off the first day with the Asian Wakeskate and Asian Wakeboard Championships. A break in the middle of the day allowed for the first round of the AO Under 15 Girls & Boys Cable Wakeboard Qualifiers. 

There was plenty of action on the water with some intense riding.


Asian Open Cable Wakeskate Finals

                       Ladies                                 Men

img_2208-asian-cable-wakeskate-ladies.JPG                                       img_2210-asian-cablewakeskate-men.JPG

1st           Tulip Tadtiam  THA         Obi Cembrano     PHI

  2nd          Susan Larrson  PHI          Burit Detwilaisri  THA                                     

  3rd          Hsieh Yin Yeh   TPE          Kwon Junyeop    KOR

  Asian Open Cable Wakeboard Finals


 img_2214-asian-cable-wakeboard-ladies.JPG                                      img_2218-asian-cable-wakeboard-men.JPG   

             Ladies                                                               Men

   1st   Megumi Tomabechi   JPN                    Im San                KOR

  2nd  Rie Koike                      JPN                      Guy Tanaka        SIN   

  3rd  Pei Shan Teng              TPE                      Saif Saif Khaled  UAE 



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SEA Games Records

Thursday, June 25, 2015
Posted by Chris

At the recently concluded SEA Games held in Singapore 11th -14 July 2015 along with numerous new national records four new SEA Games records were set as follows:


Open Men Slalom

4.00/58/12.00m       Leong Mark (SIN)                   2015, Singapore

1.00/58/12.00m       Wangka Fath Daud (INA)    1997, Jakarta


Open Men Jump

46.9m                         Hermana Ade (INA)                  2015, Singapore

45.3m                         Koa Kai Hock (SIN)                   1997, Jakarta


Open Women Slalom

3.00/55/13.00m Christian Sasha Siew Hoon(SIN)2015,Singapore

1.00/55/14.25          Yolandasari Baiq Vera (INA)  1997, Jakarta


Open Women Tricks

6110                           Yoong-Hanifah Aaliyah             2015, Singapore

3000                           Setiawan Inawati (INA)            1997, Jakarta


We wish to recognize the above achievements and congratulate the athletes on their commendable performances and trust that these as well as the following two continuing records will be improved upon in the next Games in Malaysia in 2017. 

Open Women Jump

30.6m                         Giritya Endhar Pupul (INA)   2011, Palembang


Open Men Tricks

6600                           Koa Kai Hock (SIN)                  1997, Jakarta


28th SEA Games Singapore 14 June 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015
Posted by Chris

It was raining heavily as skiers and officials arrived at Bedok Reservoir for the final waterski and wakeboard events of the 28th SEA Games with three gold medals at stake ie men and women’s ski overall and the wakeboard team medal.

Fortunately the breeze and rain eased off allowing the preliminary round of the overall jump competition to get underway.  Kaliya Kee (SIN) cleared 18.9m which Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) stretched to 19.1m. However it was the Indonesians Nur Alimah Priambodo and Rossi Amir who upped the ante with 21.3m and 24.4m respectively.

Hero of the day was Mark Leong who put his body on the line for Singapore by attempting the jump ramp for the first time ever. In a gutsy performance he cleared 10.7m on his first jump and followed up with two further landed jumps.  Alex Yoong (MAS) more used to G forces of F1 raised the bar clearing 35.7m which Kadir Febrianto (INA) was unable to match falling short with 33m. Ade Hermana (INA) thrilled the crowd with a 45.1m to add valuable points towards claiming the overall title.

It was straight into the overall women’s slalom final. Unfortunately none of the women were able to improve on their preliminary scores where Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) and  Kalya Kee (SIN) had tied their scores with 0.5 buoys at 55kph on the 13m line. Second time around Aaliyah failed to score on the 16m line whilst Kalya ran 4.5 buoys to finish top of the pack.

In the men’s slalom overall third off the dock Ade Hermana (INA) set the score to beat with 3.5 buoys at 14.25m. Alex Yoong (MAS) was unable to match it scoring 1 at 14.25 which Mark Leong comfortably topped with 1 buoy at 12m.

The wakeboard team overall followed. Last off the dock was Sasha Christian with Panyapa Tangsirirat (THA) score of 45 to beat. She accomplished this with ease with a well balanced performance of execution, intensity and composition finishing with a score of 59.89.

The men’s team event again proved highly competitive with Joshua Tay and Samual Chua both of Singapore putting in runs of 62.45 and 67.78 respectively. Mark Griffin (PHI) raised the bar higher to 73.45 before Tatasani Kuakoonrat (THA) finally pulled off his toe 900 finishing with a score of 78.67. Padiwat Jaemjan (THA) then wowed the crowd with an intense composition to finish with 83.78 and capture the team wakeboard gold for Thailand. Singapore collected silver and the Philippines bronze.

The tricks overall finals followed. Both Rossi Amir (INA) and Kalya Kee (SIN) matched their first round scores. Nur Alimah Prambodo (INA) scored 3210 against a first round score of 3340. However there was no stopping young Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) who set another SEA Games record with a score of 6110.

In the men’s overall tricks Mark Leong finished in 3rd place with his best score in the first round. Alex Yoong improved on his first round score with 2380 while despite scoring 2980 it was Kadir Febrianto’s first round score of 3010 which earned him the overall trick title.

Conditions were again ideal for the final events the men and women’s overall jump competitions.

Both Kalya Kee (SIN) and Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) cleared 19m with Aaliyah finishing 3rd with 19.1m from her first round. Nur Alimah Prambodo (INA) couldn’t quite match her first round score of 21.30 which gave her 2nd place. Rossi Amir (INA) sailed further than anyone over the ramp to finish with 30.05m and give her 4th place overall, taking into account all three events of slalom, tricks and jump.

Second place in overall and the silver medal went to Nur Alimah Priambodo (INA) bettered only by Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah’s 2155.56 who claimed another gold medal for Malaysia.

Mark Leong (SIN) failed to improve on his very first jump of 10.7m and finished in 4th place in overall for the three disciplines. Kadir Febrianto (INA) rose to the occasion to clear 39.8m which Alex Yoong (MAS) failed to match with 37.1m. Ade Hermana (INA) then cleared 44.7m bettered only by his first round score of 45.1m. This gave him 3rd place overall. Yoong was disappointed he was unable to retain his overall title, finishing in 2nd place, whilst Kadir Febrianto (INA) earned the gold medal with a score of 2236.32.

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28th SEA Games 13th June 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015
Posted by Chris

There was much excitement on the banks of Bedok Reservoir  as the women slalom finalists prepared for their final showdown. Second off the dock Kalya Kee (SIN) was keen to make amends for her slip up yesterday and put in a credible score of 5 buoys at 55kph on the 14.25m line. Next up Ummu Sholikah (INA) cleared the 14.25 line scoring one buoy on her return pass at 13m. The penultimate skier was Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah fell at the fifth buoy on her first pass but apparently missed the gates. Last off the dock was Sasha Christian who once again in a flawless display equaled her record of the previous day with 3 buoys at 55kph on the 13m line to clinch her second gold medal for Singapore.

In the men’s event Alex Yoong (MAS), third off the dock, improved on his earlier performance with 3.5 buoys at 58kph on the 13m line. Next Ade Hermana (INA) failed to improve on his 2.5 buoys on the 13m line with just 2.5 buoys at 14.25m. Indra Hardinata (INA) raised the bar further with 2 at 58kph on the 12m line putting the pressure on final skier Mark Leong (SIN) who needed to repeat his score of yesterday and the new SEA Games and Singapore national record. It never looked in doubt as he shortened on to the 12m line and comfortably scored 3 buoys again setting new national and SEA Games records.  

In the Women’s Wakeboard team last chance qualifiers (LCQ) Gooi Jia Yi (SIN) and Maiquel Selga (PHI) both made it through to the finals while in the men’s Angelo Linao (PHI) and Ng Sim Hwee (SIN) earned their way into the semi-finals.

The jump finals followed. Unfortunately neither of the two Thai women riders appeared leaving four jumpers to contest for gold. First off the dock was 11-year old Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) who cleared 20.2 metres. Next off was Kalya Kee who cleared 16.4m ensuring Aalijah at least another medal.  Nur Alimah Prambodo  (INA) then cleared 18.10.m to take the bronze medal. Last off the dock and, having benefitted greatly from recent coaching by Asian waterski jump champion Saaya Hirosawa, Rossi Amir (INA) cleared 29.00 metres to capture gold for Indonesia.

It was straight into the men’s jump with again only four contestants from an enlisted group of seven seven. First off was Muhammad Nasir (MAS) who cleared 21.5. Akex Yoong (MAS) was next off and cleared 33.1m to put himself into medal contention. Kadir Fabrianto (INA) managed to squeeze an extra 0.8m onto his jump of 33.9 to secure at least the silver medal. However Ade Hermana (INA) made sure gold was his after his first jump and continued to raise the bar finishing with a jump of 46.9m to clinch gold for Indonesia.

It was back to wakeboarding for the next event the men’s wakeboard team semi-finals, which saw the top three from two heats of  four  progress into the finals  with Tatsanai Kuakoonrat topping Heat 1 with 71.89 and Padiwat Jaemjan holding the lead in Heat 2 with 79.78.  

The day concluded with the preliminary rounds for slalom overall men and women as well as tricks overall.

Aaliyah (MAS) improved on her SEA Games trick record with an impressive score of 5,700 in the women’s overall trick event whilst Kadir Fabrianto with 3010 took the lead in men’s overall tricks, going into the final day on Sunday.

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28th SEA Games Singapore 5-16th June 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015
Posted by Chris

After one and a half’s day familiarisation the waterski and wakeboard competition kicked off on Thursday afternoon, the 11th June 2015, with the wakeboard semi-finals for men and women. After a one hour interruption due to a thunderstorm warning the competition continued with the waterski tricks preliminary rounds, concluding with the wakeboard last chance qualifiers.

The six women riders representing Indonesia (INA), Malaysia (MAS), Thailand (THA), Singapore, (SIN) and the Philippines (PHI) were split amongst two heats with two immediately progressing to the finals and the third rider getting a second chance through the last chance qualifier (LCQ).  Mutiara Maulidina (INA) topped heat 1, while Sasha Christian (SIN) in heat 2, with a score of 61.45, looked the one to beat.

Adam Yoong-Hannifah (MAS), aged seven, was first off the dock in men’s wakeboard and looks to have great potential for the future. Samuel Chua (SIN) put in a good pass finishing with a score 60 to progress straight into the finals with Mark Griffin (PHI) who topped the heat with 68.33. The two Thai riders Tatsanai  Kuakoonrat and Padiwat Jaemjan  dominated heat 2  with 68.33 and 75 respectively.

Perhaps not unexpectedly it was Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah (MAL) that dominated the open ladies tricks breaking the 1997 Sea Games trick record with a score of 4840. Mutiara Maulidina (INA) finished 2nd with 2,480 points with Sabelle Kee (SIN) 3rd with 2110.

Padiwat Jaemjam of Thailand demonstrated that he’s equally comfortable on a trick ski as with a wakeboard to score 2560 points whilst former F1 racing driver Alex Yoong of Malaysia likewise  remembered a trick or two to score 2730. It was his young brother Aiden Yoong-Hanifah, aged nine,  who impressed most with a score of 3050. Finally it was the Indonesian Dimas Ridho Suprihono and Kadir Fabrianto with 3960 and 4730 respectively who topped the leader board. 

With just two competitors in the women’s LCQ both progressed to the final whilst amongst the six men riders in LCQ Alek Hanief (INA) and Joshua Tay (SIN) both qualified for the finals.

Friday 12th June 2015

Bedok Reservoir was like glass when the women’s slalom preliminaries got underway.

The eleven-year old Aaliiyah  Yoong-Hanifah (MAS) again demonstrated her considerable maturity with a competent 2 buoys at 55kph on a shortened 14.25m line to set a personal  best (PB) in competition. Sasha Christian (SIN) then put the pressure on her Singapore team colleague Kalya Kee with an impressive 3 buoys at 55kph shortened to 13m. Unfortunately Kalya failed to respond falling early leaving Christian in prime position.

In the men’s slalom preliminaries Alex Yoong (MAS) again demonstrated his skiing skills with a credible 2 buoys at 58kph on a 13m line. Ade Hermana (INA) then edged ahead with 2.5 buoys on the 13m line. His colleague Indra Hardinata then raised the bar with 4 buoys. Mark Leong (SIN) responded to the challenge to put Singapore in prime contention for both slalom medals with 2.5 buoys at 12m to again set a new SEA Games record as well as a new Singapore national record.

Unfortunately with the wind picking up the jumping was postponed and to keep to schedule it wnt straight into the wakeboard finals. Mutiara Maulidina (INA) with a score of 43.11 took silver ahead of Maiquel Selga (PHI) whilst Sasha Christian secured her first gold of the Games for Singapore with 59.00.

The scores for the men’s wakeboard finals were much closer with third off the dock Tatsanai Kuakoonrat putting in an intense pass but missed out on his toe-side 900 but still scored a credible 72.11. Next off  the  was Mark Griffin (PHI) who guaranteed at least 3rd place with a score of 69. All eyes were then on the final rider Padiwat Jaemjan who pulled out all the stops and despite one fall clinched gold for Thailand with a score of 79.33.

It was then straight into the women’s trick finals where Mutiara Maulidna (INA) was unable to improve on her first round of 2480, Sabelle Kee (SIN) scored 2620 to take bronze and beat her mother’s long standing Singapore national record.  Nur Alimah Priambodo (INA) then secured at least silver with 2930. It was all down to the young Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah to secure glory for Malaysia. After a skilled display of hand and toe tricks she topped out with a score of 4850 and gold for Malaysia to again set an improved SEA Games record..

 Following in his sister’s footsteps nine-year old Aiden Yoong-Hanifah improved on his first round score with 3180 to secure bronze for Malaysia. Dimas Suprihono (INA) put the pressure on his country man Kadir Febrianto with a score of 4130 to which Febrianto responded with 4280 to clinch gold and silver for Indonesia.Men's Tricks

A prolonged presentation ceremony for the wakeboard and trick medals meant there was no time for the jump competition, so the day concluded with the quarter finals of the wakeboard team overall competition.

Skiing resumes tomorrow with the slalom finals and more intense competition.